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Powering over one million menu interactions per day, LeafBridge is your technology partner for enterprise-level cannabis e-commerce. Our Dutchie Plus WordPress plugin transforms any existing WordPress website into a fully customizable e-commerce store in record time, or we can build you an amazing custom website from scratch.

Our Services

What we do

We’ll transition your existing dispensary website from iFrame to Dutchie Plus, or build a full custom dispensary website for you from the ground up.


No Code. No Developers.

No Stress.

We’ll install our customer LeafBridge Dutchie Plus plugin to your WordPress site and deliver a full native e-commerce solution that’s primed for SEO and matched to your brand. We’ll even set it all up for you, style it, and tweak it until you’re happy – free of charge.

LeafBridge allows you to sync your Dutchie configuration directly with your WordPress website, giving your customers a seamless experience and delivering a solution that’s optimized for search traffic, local listings, marketing, analytics, and performance.

Need a full website build? No problem. We’ll build you a conversion focused e-commerce site from scratch and support your growth every step of the way.


Our Partners

Just some of the awesome enterprise partners we work with. 


How it works

Step 1

Schedule a demo call with us and we’ll show you everything we can do to boost your visibility, your brand, and your sales.

Step 2

Whether you’re looking for a menu-only service or a full site build, we’ll set everything up and work with you and your team to make it look, feel, and perform exactly the way you need, with unlimited revisions.

Step 3

Once your new native e-commerce site is ready to rock, we’ll work with the Dutchie team to provide a stringent QA sign-off and get your new site live in record time – with our team available to support you 24/7.


Success Story

Thanks to their expertise with the Dutchie Plus API, working with Leafbridge has redefined our web presence for TRP Co. and Cookies Retail. We have seen our SEO and organic traffic soar after launching multiple sites. The commitment and agility of the team is what stands out in terms of working with Leafbridge, plus their ability to handle tight deadlines. Leafbridge doesn’t just deliver, they show they genuinely care for their clients by not only meeting our needs but also by continually improving their services and proactively enhancing their core product, avoiding the ‘set and forget’ trap.

Bob Schliesman

Cookies Retail

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Our LeafBridge Dutchie Plus WordPress plugin will transition your dispensary to an enterprise-level e-commerce solution with Dutchie Plus without the headaches. You’ll be up and running in record time – and if you need help, we offer custom integration and set-up services tailored to you, and unlimited tech support.

– Nick Stephenson, CEO

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